Verve Atomic Touch Rugby

Atomic Touch Rugby is a new fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby suitable for males and females of all ages and abilities. There are no scrums and line-outs and tackling is not allowed. The game was first pioneered in New Zealand as a way of introducing youngsters to the game of rugby.
Since then Atomic Touch Rugby has been adopted by the WRU as its introductory game to get children hooked on the game. It's a fun game that introduces children to a rugby ball whilst encouraging maximum ball contact, development of Agility. Balance and coordination as well as spatial awareness.

At Verve Sports we believe that Atomic Touch Rugby is a FUN way to be active and play with your friends at the same time helping you learn the skills you need to go on and play full contact rugby if that's what you would like to do.

Why play Atomic Touch Rugby?

• It's Fun
• It encourages everyone to have maximum ball contact
• It teaches the ABC skills required for rugby as well as other sports.
• It encourages the correct lines of running required for success in the full 15-a-side game.
• It is inclusive, because it is a limited contact sport, all ages can play, boys and girls.

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