Verve Futsal

Futsal was the name chosen by FIFA, the World governing body of Football for the only version of 5-a-side football that it supports. The name simply combines the Spanish words for ‘Hall’ – Sala and ‘Football’ – Futbol into
Futsal. Futsal is a five a side game, played on a flat indoor/outdoor pitch with hockey/handball sized goals and a size 4 ball with a reduced bounce.

Verve Sports can deliver a Futsal session indoors or outdoors, it’s a great way to stay active and play with your friends at the same time helping you master the skills you need to go on and play football if that's what you would like to do, you never know playing Futsal may help you become the next Messi or Ronaldo,

Verve Sports Futsal

Why play Futsal?

• It helps players develop ball technique and skills
• It helps with game concentration
• It gives the players a chance to play flicks and tricks
• The reduced team numbers encourages lots of ball contact
• Most importantly Futsal is a FUN and an exciting game that both male and female players of all ages and ability can enjoy

Verve Sports Futsal