Birthday Parties

Football and Street Soccer Party 'All Ages'

Why not book your child a fun activity party, we can bring the equipment and turn up at a venue of your choice and deliver a birthday party for your son or daughter.
We can bring our inflatable Street Soccer arena, or maybe you need two arenas, we can organise fun skills activities and games

Please give us a call to discuss the options and how many children will be attending

We can be flexible as to when or where, because our arenas are portable we can set up where you tell us to. on concrete, grass, indoor or outdoor.

Body Zorbing Party '12+'

What is BodyZorbing?

BodyZorbs are large inflatable balls that you slide into, so they fit above your knees and over your head. You can then crash and bump into other BodyZorb players. BodyZorbing allows you to run, walk, jump, flip, back roll and bounce into other bodyzorbs. As your legs are outside the Zorb you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the BodyZorb over your head and arms through the harness and you can safely BodyZorb.

Why not treat yourselves to a Body Zorbing party, we can set up on grass and you can play fun football in our amazing bodyzorbs, please ensure you invite plenty of friends as bodyzorbing is exhausting fun.

You can combine the both, we can offer a combination of both football and bodyzorbing.

Not Just for children and birthday parties, adults can have as much fun in the BodyZorbs, so if you are looking for a bit of fun for you and your mates, maybe a works fun party or if you are a football or rugby team who fancy a bit of pre-season training fun and fitness. Get in touch

All you will have to do is book the venue and let us know and we will be there, give us a call we may be able to assist you with finding a venue

‘Please Note; We do not provide the venue or any food’